Fashion Show DJ’s

The art of Fashion Show DJ’ing isn’t easy. Any DJ that performs at a fashion event has to perfect the timing and beat of any music they play to match the choreography of the show. It is also important to bear in mind the brand image that the fashion event is aimed at pushing and matching on musical genre choices to best suit this.

The limitations are almost endless on what genre you can play (House, Hip Hop, or even jazz have been represented). Whatever you do, remember that you are not the center of attention – any fashion show DJ needs to remember that your role is to provide an emphasis to the main spectacle – you are the accent. The center of attention are the clothes, and the designer. So keep it simple, instrumental, without any really crazy mixing tricks (unless its a really special moment). Know the agenda for the night, and plan accordingly.

A selection of London DJ Agency talent are experienced in DJ’ing at a number of fashion shows around London and Europe, with our range of previous events across the industry helping us understand the need to tailor any performance bespoke to each show.

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